Blog-in’ or Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, you got a killer stick up your butt.


There are four blogs I read regularly and one that I watch? that have inspired. Loteria Chicana, Stuff White People Like, Punk Rock Parents, Pear Mama and ill doctrine(the video blog). I like to write and talk when I feel its important. I recently went back to school and I am working on a story about my relationship to change, through this I have started somewhat a journal, writing random stuff, thinking about how cheesy it is to write about your self but how important it is to document life and stories so they can be shared later. Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, you got a killer stick up your butt. My first blog is something I wrote a while back that I really liked… I dont really know how to get readers? So hopefully it just sorta happens. I’m lagging in the school area of my life so this is a way for me to write and share and be heard since I cant just get a PhD for being awesome. I am a young engaged mama that likes to stay involved with my community and hopefully raise a feminist! I’ll just be sharing whatever is on my mind. 


I voted for Obama so if you didnt, you might not like what I write about. “)


3 Responses to “Blog-in’ or Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, you got a killer stick up your butt.”

  1. elissa said

    How about I just grant you a honorary PhD in awesomeness from the University of Punk Rock Parents.

  2. cindylu said

    To get readers you need to make yourself known to other bloggers and engage in discussions on their blogs. Comment, comment, comment!

    If someone comments on my blog and links back to his/her own blog, I always check it out. If I like it, I’ll check in occasionally and then decide if I want to add that blog to my blogroll.

    But really, you got to have interesting stuff to write, make it relevant to people. I think you’re on a good start.

    Good luck!

  3. Pearmama said

    I second what cindylu said–comment!! I’m a comment ho! LOL

    i’m looking forward to reading whats happenin’ in your world.

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