Before I thought I would have a child


I thought I would be a famous kick ass feminist poet who never worried about money again with my hybrid and PhD.

Being Woman

Was created in the act of oppressing women…
A man with a girl only 15
Mothers let your daughters become mothers way too soon
Young housewives…so tired of cleaning
Grandfathers make granddaughters give them a massage
Mija take my shoes off rub my feet
Abuse so tired of abuse
Looking at holes in the wall punched in by angry men covered with pictures of fake smiles…
Women seeking happiness as all the rest in this place
IM NOT your mother
Im not my mother
So what if I don’t feel like cleaning
Washing dishes
Or peeling potatoes?
And if that means I wont be a good mom then ill do the unthinkable and not have kids
I hear people judging me
Do they think they’re jesus
Im rude
I should wear makeup
I should loose weight
Maybe I oppress food consuming it violently the only thing that doesn’t swing
I can be in control no talking no sex no apologies
When I want what I want all I need just like this world is money$$$
I HATE when people only have time for a two minute conversation and ask how you are doing…fine, nothing…thinking to myself
Do they really want to know?
I don’t care I blurt out
Eviction, corruption, and mutilation of my body, house, neighborhood, relationships…
Life all this stress, oppress, and chores cause im not a man
Well good luck with that as he turns around and starts to walk away
I think walk away..turn away…run away…
As all men do
Men are clams
Women are crowbars
A quote by a god fearing Christian man
Am I a crowbar? Do I pry? Do I go to far? Should I wear makeup?
In the bathroom reading my seventeen,ym,teenbeat,cosmo, feeling schizophrenic
I think to myself thank god for dishwashers I’ll get up and load the dishes, or throw away my magazines
A proud “feminist” who still feels fat ugly and scared of men at the end of the day
And dreams of romance while she’s sleeping


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