Girl with a cape… watch out!


Sometimes I feel like a super hero. I imagine I could be a hero. Sometimes I am mentioned for my courage and willingness to speak out for the voiceless. Two recent short events come to mind.



I have an ongoing “joke” with a co-worker about his playa-ness. He’s really not a player just a good looking guy who was a ladies man back in high school. I say, “joke” because he laughs and I’m being dead serious. Although I hardly know his wife on a personal level, I have known their family for years. He has been with his wife for several years and occasionally broke up her to be a playa!

I tease him about it and question his social consciousness and support for the female community and he laughs it off.

At work, he tells me…something along the lines of his wife getting jealous and my name coming up… Say what!? Uh-uh. I ain’t no home wrecking hoochie mama! I’m a feminist.


He goes on to say his wife was un-happy about a some text-messaging situation and she said, “where is Kim when I need her”. Oh hell yeah, my head just grew. I could so be a super hero. Watch out playas!


The other situation I was in was so freaking’ weird I could seriously write a book about it, but I won’t I am trying to mentally heal.

I am at a birthday party for my step-dad and my mom is completely drunk. It’s a small kick back, meaning a few people getting mega drunk. Four couples and my sister. The homeowner is an ex-marine who voted for McCain and doesn’t like black people? I don’t know? I was informed that I wasn’t allowed to talk about politics, Obama, or the military. Um…okay. Not too hard I guess. Then the N-word starts flying, and I get upset. I am the only one not drinking and I don’t appreciate the racist jokes or the N-word and I am damn proud I voted for Obama! Finally everyone agrees to stop saying the infamous word because I’m filled with rage. My mom jokes, Kim’s here holding it down representing for the black people. Um…okay. I’m a light skinned Chicana who says dude way too much, I am certainly no Eminem, but if that’s my role for the night, I’m down. Shouldn’t we all be holding it down for our black brothers and sisters?


Someone should buy me a cape for Christmas!


Social Justice Super Woman!


It could work?



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