short & sweet


i have so much to say but i have been thinking about this whole blogging thing and its scary

i have a lot of writing to do for work since its the start of a very exciting new year and i will write soon


one thing on my mind a lot lately is

how do you let go of anger?

its very easy for me to be angry almost natural

how do i let it go?




Writing 101


Math 92

both out of pocket!


25 in September

could you say I am more than a little behind?



family drama

– school (only being able to take one class last semester)

– being broke

– losing touch with friends

– moving (I move way too much)


– justice’s 1st new year

– taxes! Haha you get bank when you are poor with a baby

– justice’s 1st summer

– justice’s 1st walk/dance/too many things to write including 1st BIRTHDAY!!!

– summer (sjep ruled this year and im so proud of the documentary they produced!)

– obama! Hello!

– work (so glad I have a stable job during recession)




– get crunk for my little sisters 21st birthday!

– have a sexy valentines day

– continue school and excel

– tattoos

– be a great awesome fun understanding mommy!

– not be broke

– read

– be creative

– family vacation?

no drama!

– lose weight

– be a cute ass 25 year old mama

get married?


a poem.


My ode to black jelly beans


When I was a kid my grandma always had jellybeans in bowls around the house on easter


I can remember walking by and picking a handful of my favorite flavors…

((we all did that))


I can remember…




those jellybeans were first pick


green, orange, and sometimes purple


were subordinate selection


walking by in my flowery ruffled dress

with my shiny payless dress shoes

I recall glass china bowls…with a few black jellybeans all alone in the bottom


I never thought to wonder why I had to wear that ugly dress or why the candy company made the black jellybeans taste so nasty