a poem.


My ode to black jelly beans


When I was a kid my grandma always had jellybeans in bowls around the house on easter


I can remember walking by and picking a handful of my favorite flavors…

((we all did that))


I can remember…




those jellybeans were first pick


green, orange, and sometimes purple


were subordinate selection


walking by in my flowery ruffled dress

with my shiny payless dress shoes

I recall glass china bowls…with a few black jellybeans all alone in the bottom


I never thought to wonder why I had to wear that ugly dress or why the candy company made the black jellybeans taste so nasty


2 Responses to “a poem.”

  1. elissa said

    For the life of me I cannot find your email on your blog so I have to respond here! Thanks, yea I actually have a rule about blond dolls in our house. They are not allowed. I had such a big complex about that and my niece use to beg my sister for yellow hair. I want The Phi to love her brown hair and that means surrounding her with dolls that look a little more like her.

  2. elissa said

    oh yea and black jelly beans do suck

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